Preschool Supply List

Suggested Preschool Supply List


Each Child Needs:

*Full-sized backpack - with their name on the outside

*Lunch box – with name on the outside – for those who are bringing a lunch from home

*Water Bottle – labeled with their name


Wish List:

The following are items we go through very, very quickly. It is not expected to get each item from the list. Thank you for donating what you can…  We look forward to a creative, fun school year! ☺ 

*Crayola crayons 

*Crayola washable markers

*Elmer’s glue sticks (lots & lots of them)

*Elmer’s liquid glue


*colored pencils

*clear Scotch tape

*Kleenex tissues (especially during the cold months)

*water bottles (for when students forget their own water bottles at home)

*Clorox wipes

*paper towels

*paper plates of all sizes

*paper cups, bowls, napkins

*Ziploc bags of all sizes