Special Education

Melissa McComb
Director-Special Ed


Melissa McComb, M. Ed, BCBA
Director of Special Education
Kay Trammell
Assistant Director of Special Education
Jennifer Schmidt
Administrative Assistant
Kim Murphy
IDEA Compliance Clerk
Candace Knapp
Records Clerk
Norma Chisolm
Developmental Preschool

The District provides special education services for students with exceptional needs and educational requirements. Students with mild to severe disabilities are provided a free appropriate public education at no cost to the child or his/her parents. These services may include specialized programs, personnel, facilities, materials and equipment needed to promote the individual physical, social, intellectual and emotional growth of qualifying students. Whenever possible and appropriate, opportunities for interaction with the total school environment are provided in adherence with the least restricted environment regulations. The district plan is in compliance with the requirements of federal and state law and State Board of Education regulations. Placement in special education programs is made through a procedure of identification, screening, evaluation and referral designed to identify all resident children who might profit from special instruction. A complete psycho-educational evaluation is completed by the school psychologist or by an outside agency. An I.E.P. (Individualized Education Plan) is developed for each student which outlines student strengths and needs as determined by a team including educators as well as parents. Signed permission and the administration of Parental Rights are required by law for the evaluation and placement of students.

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