Conscious Discipline at LESD

Conscious Discipline at LESD

Conscious Discipline is a comprehensive, self-regulation program that integrates social emotional learning, school culture and discipline.  It helps educators build schools based on safety, connection and problem solving.

Conscious Discipline is based on brain research that indicates our internal state dictates our behavior. This program helps adults understand their own brain states first so that they can create safe and loving environments that our children need to access their highest levels of learning.  Next, adults are able to identify the brain states of their children in order to provide the children the appropriate support they need. 

The three core components of Conscious Discipline are:

  1. Safety, through self-regulation, enhances adults' and children's ability to recognize and manage emotional upset. 
  2. Connection, through creating a strong and healthy school family culture, motivates adults’ and children’s willingness to engage in healthy relationships and help each other be successful.
  3. Problem Solving, through changing our response to conflict and developing our social emotional skills increases adults' and children’s resiliency.

LESD is in year 4 of implementing Conscious Discipline district-wide.

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