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In an effort to enhance cyber security, we have removed all email addresses from the Litchfield Elementary School District website. This is a preemptive measure that we have been considering for some time, especially since we have seen a stark rise in phishing scams at several of our schools this year. Flagstaff Unified School District’s recent school closures due to cyber attacks only bolstered our decision to make this change. 

In place of publicized email addresses, each school now has a “Contact Us” link in its Quick Links section. Messages received through the “Contact Us” forms will be addressed promptly by Office Supervisors or the appropriate staff member. From the LESD website's home page, go to the "Schools" dropdown along the top toolbar, click on your school, and then click on the "QuickLinks" along the top toolbar of your school's home page. Example:

Western Sky Quick links



We also have a general “Contact Us” link located on the lower left corner of our website home page that connects to our administrative team at the District Office. Web users may use this to contact schools or departments. The “Contact Us” link has also been added to the bottom left of our website home page (just above the "Peachjar" link).


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The "Contact Us" circle (with telephone image) on our website home page will continue to function as it always has. Use this for general contact information about our schools and departments.


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